Are your employees ready for change?

Organizations are changing rapidly. The most common changes organizations were facing in the last 2 years refer to: business processing implementations, departmental changes, HR process implementation, technology change, leadership change.

From large-scale change management initiatives to changes at the team level, people understand and react to change differently because of their assumptions, expectations and perspectives.

Most people experience change, real or anticipated, as a stressful factor and are challenged by the speed and scope of change.

The brain does not like uncertainty and when operating in an environment we cannot predict or control as much as we would like, we tend to operate in survival mode. The direct consequence of stress in the workplace is that we become less collaborative, less creative, and less efficient.

A coach has a crucial role to play in reminding team members what is under their control and what strengths they possess to help the team succeed.

Coaching is a powerful tool to develop the potential of employees, modify behaviors and drive business success. Because of this, it can help individuals, teams and organizations explore resistance, enhance communication and promote resilience in the face of change.

How can I help

My role as a coach is to develop people’s resourcefulness through skillful questioning, challenge and support. Anyone can benefit from coaching sessions, be it: newly promoted management members, executives, top performers, employees facing changes within the department, etc.

As people are more than their business roles, coaching addressees the whole person – past, present and future.

We can decide upon a set-up which best suits the employee’s/organization’s needs.

The sessions are fully confidential and follow the International Coaching Federation principles. It is recommended that the sessions are conducted on-site, in a safe space, allowing an easier access for the individuals taking the coaching sessions.

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