Why Coaching

Coaching is more than goal setting and what can be measured in business. It is about personal transformation.


Be it in personal and/or professional life, we all face challenges. We want to be seen for who we really are, loved, heard, recognized, belong. But we very often get overwhelmed by what is happening outside of us, without paying attention to the most important environment in which we live: the environment between our ears.

Develops resourcefulness

Coaching is not about trying to “fix”, but rather about unlocking potential and bringing people more close and more connected to their personal gifts and talents.

Increases performance

Coaching, instead of giving instructions, creates an environment for growth and personal development; it empowers people; it moves them to results.

Addresses the whole you

As we are not broken, through coaching, you will get closer to your wholeness. All of you is welcome.

Raises self-awareness

Coaching mirrors back any “blind” spots which rule ones life: limiting beliefs, fears, saboteurs, etc., so that you can become more aware and free yourself from those interference or stories you created in your mind.


I’m Cristina, an optimist, a transformational coach and I truly believe in your potential. I love people and I hold space for personal transformation. 

As we cannot create lasting change if we are not aware what is driving us, my passion is to discover what is driving certain behaviors and suffering and guide people towards finding their way towards their wholeness and to living a more happy and conscious life. Read more in “About me” page.


Whether you are interested in individual coaching sessions, couple sessions or group activities, I got you covered.

Individual coaching sessions

Do you have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to organize and lack motivation to do so? Do you feel like you are stuck, overwhelmed and at a low energy level?…

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Couple sessions

We feel the deep need of connection and being vulnerable with one another, however, the moments in which we can do that in a complete state of detachment from daily tasks are very rare….

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During the workshops, we will combine mindfulness practices such as breathing exercises and meditation, with various other group coaching activities aimed at boosting creativity, unlocking potential…

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